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stretch canvas
or vinyl
We create the artwork for you and print on the canvas or vinyl that you choose. Then we ship to you so you can have them stretched
on wooden frames held together by frame keys. Stretch vinyl costs less than canvas but doesn’t give you the look of canvas.

Call 800.717.2566 for prices and sizes available.
Large display wall art can give your business the look you desire. We can customize it to almost any size with any photos, colors and logos.
Customized Vinyl or Cloth (Poly-duct) Banners for Windows, Walls & Hangers
18" X 24" $160
20" X 26" $174
22" X 28" $197
24" X 30" $202
24" X 36" $212
26" X 30" $220
28" X 34" $224
30" X 36" $246
36" X 42" $268
40" X 46" $314
48" X 56" $514
Add an additional $30 to $60, depending on size, for hanging hardware or pockets required on top & bottom.
Artwork Mounted “G” Board®
for Windows & Walls
18" X 24" $173
20" X 26" $195
22" X 28" $222
24" X 30" $239
24" X 36" $260
26" X 30" $265
30" X 36" $340
36" X 42" $460
40" X 46" (in 2 pieces) $620
48" X 56" (in 2 pieces) $695
Also available double sided. Call for quotes!
Aluminum Hanger Prices
Our “Aluminum Hanging Banner Railing”
is for both top and bottom, plus 4
end caps and 4 suspension hooks.
Sizes available:
18 inches $36
20 inches $38
22 inches $40
24 inches $46
36 inches $68
40 inches $70
48 inches $83
We can create any dream banner from any idea!
Also Available
In Light Boxes
Customized Posters
24" x 36" -$202
Standard Posters
24" x 36"- $150
We can design from selected postcards or create something
new from our thousands of photographs on file.

Poster 130

Poster 130

Poster 130


Poster 79

Poster 99

Poster 137

Poster 89




Try the I.S. Marketing Concept!

I.S. Marketing
1-800-717-2566 • 813-996-1900
Fax: 813-877-2460


Don't wait for "word of mouth"! Join the new wave of marketing...


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