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Testimonials….including Outdoor Signage Testimonials Below
"We recently hired you to do all of our marketing for us including: outdoor signage, website, SEO, event planning, menus, business cards, brochures and booklets, newsletters, and all other printed material and marketing tools. We wanted to let you know that your marketing plan is working. We just doubled our first event with your tools and ideas and are up a considerable amount in a short amount of time."
Thank you! C. Devon
"We have been faithful with I.S. Marketing newsletters for over 18 years and they work. We use other services but the newsletters increase our cash flow. "
Thank you! L. Stevens
"To Whom It May Concern: This letter is my personal recommendation for Donna Martin White and I.S. Marketing Services. I have been working with Donna for 18 years, and find her and her staff to be consistently pleasant and professional, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Donna is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully executed several marketing concepts for our company -- which resulted in increased revenue. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity. She brings to all of her activities energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. She has a deep-rooted spirit of helpfulness that is coupled with her quick grasp of subject matter. Her combination of commitment, perseverance, creativity, and compassionate character will certainly make her a valuable provider to any prospective client. I encourage you to look favorably upon her company and all that they have to offer. It is my honor to recommend Ms. Donna Martin White and her organization to your industry."
Ms. Charlie Sheridan
Director, Over 22 thousand clients.
" Medical Spa - Great Service, Great Work, (3 websites and many other marketing services) "
Parker Eales
" Your company designed my logo, business card and brochure in record time and I loved the customized design work. I wish everyone was as efficient and wonderful to work with. Thank you. "
Belle Vie.
"We have started your NEWEST SEO Search Engine Optimization and our website is now at the top and we have increased over 30% in new clients. Thanks for your direction and service! It works. "
Jessica Binna
"We just got your new Gift Certificate Software and your SEO/ Mobile Tactics program and it is working so much better than the other companies that we were with. With the other companies our potential clients had the option to buy from our competitors. With you they do not. Thanks you."
Charles Gunn
"You did all the outdoor signage for my business and I want to thank you for both the professional look and the great improvement in my business. I ask all my new clients how they found me and they say “ the signage”. I cannot thank you enough. I will send you as many new clients as possible. "
John Zachary
"I love all your marketing material including door-hangers, rack cards, and mini-booklets. I spent close to three grand on advertising with another company and got almost no return on it. All your material has had a huge response! My business is up 30% over last year. "
Laurie Ashe
"I have been ordering your newsletters for many years and have always gotten a great return! We tried to stop and replace them with e-mail only and our business went down. Now we have started back with your direct-mail newsletters and e-mail service offering promotional packages and business has gone back up! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "
Paul Green
"I just had to tell you that the response that I have been getting from all your recommended marketing tools (including outdoor signage, ad, banner, business cards, brochures, recommendation cards, postcards, referral cards, emailing, website and many other items) is just unbelievable. My last local event was a success for me. Your ad put me at the top spot. I couldn't believe it. I even got a call from them about who did the ad. I am soooooo happy with your work. You are a true talent and so far everything you have done has totally turned my business around. My business was hurting, now it’s booming. My work has doubled! Thanks for your free consultation time. It's working & I just wanted to Thank You!"
C. Prince
Outdoor Signage Testimonials
"Thank you I.S. Marketing: I had just opened my business up on a major road but no one could see me. After talking with you, you suggested outdoor signage. Because I loved all the designed in your catalogue (even though I am not a medical, salon or spa business) I left the design in your hands so I could get the “most professional look.” I called you to tell you “thank you” for giving me a lot of new business. I love your work. Now they can see my location and what I offer and my business is way up. "
Zackery J.
"We are looking for a new Gift Card solution for our spa and since we have been very happy with your window screens that still look amazing after over 4 years, I thought I would reach out to you. "
Rita Pelican
"I own a medical business and I.S. Marketing designed my Widow Perfs about three years ago. We have moved to a new location but those windows perfs improved my last business so very much and I am investing the money once again in them. They work. "
Dr. Joseph C.
"I moved my salon and spa to a new bigger location that is one block off a major road so my business was taking a big hit. Nobody knew I was there. I have followed your company around for some time so I finally made the decision to call you. We talked about outdoor signage and many other items. I ordered them all but you understood my need for outdoor exposure so you concentrated on it first and it has improved our business by leaps and bounds. I get new walk-ins all the time now. I love the design on all items and they work. "
M. Prince
"I.S. Marketing Service has helped me find an appropriate marketing niche for my patient base in a medical skin care clinic. My patients are highly educated and want to stay current on the latest technologies in skin care. The newsletter service has allowed me to keep my patients informed with high quality print articles on a regular basis. Most of my patients eagerly anticipate the newsletter to find out what products or services are on promotion. I am guaranteed a surge in business for 6 weeks once they go out in the mail. The postcards will now allow me to touch base with them on the months between the newsletters for greater patient retention. Having tried every form of marketing at great lengths and expense...I can assure you that direct mail newsletters, postcards and brochures has proven to be and will continue to be my ticket to great success!"
Sheri l. Flasch,
C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Skin Solutions, Inc.
"Thank you so much, Gift Certificates are beautiful!"
New York,
New York Hair Salon and Spa
"Thank you so much for all the time you spent with our brochures and business cards. I appreciate your help and all the extras you are doing. It's great doing business with you. I will be recommending you to others in this business."
Patty Barian
"I want to tell you the phenomenal job you did on my new business cards. I am truly pleased and thank you for the special interest you took with my order. I have had numerous compliments on them and find that I have a special pride in their look as well. You are needed and cared about dearly by many."
Nancy Connelly
"I can't say thank you enough for what I.S. Marketing Service has done for my business! My growth has been overwhelming. My clients always ask for extra newsletter's to give to their friends. Again, a million thanks!"
Michele Torras,
Behind the Scenes
"Ms. Martin-White, It's hard to say thank you enough for all you marketing material! Newsletters, Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards and your "marketing concept" classes! You've made success a reality! Can't wait for your next class!"
Alley Goodman,
Plastic Surgeon Center
"Donna, "Thank you" for a wonderful workshop! You are amazing and I'll be reviewing our marketing budget to include your service! Yours In Health,"
Ellen L. McGinnis,
Spa Director
"Dear Donna: I look super professional, thanks to your marketing tools. When clients call and comment on the beautiful mailer they just received, I know I did the right thing. I must thank you for making marketing so easy. Your service helps save time and effort in the thought process of direct advertising and I look like a million. Thank you for all your ideas and eye catching material. My business has grown by using it. Thank you,"
Carmella Burkhart
The Skin Care School

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