Interior Design

Select one of our designs and place your own information including: logo, address, phone number, fax number, email address, web address, facebook symbol, QR code, and any other information needed. You can also turn the back into an appointment card as well.

If you have created your own design all you have to do is upload it and we will print it for you.

Interior Design

Interior Design


Allow us to send you a questionnaire with all the correct questions to help create your floor plan options. We have to work carefully with a specific setup plan to ensure it will be exactly what you are looking for. We duplicate your original floor plan, redesign it, and submit it to you for your changes.

Knowing your location will allow us to shop your options for the best priced furniture and accessories. You give us your budget and we match it. You can share your floor plan with co-workers to help you decide on the perfect plan.

We create your design. You enjoy it. You make the decisions so you can also determine how fast or slow you will spend your money.

  • We provide a floor plan to see where each piece of furniture and equipment is to be located

  • We provide an itemized list of all furniture, accessories and more within the floor plan.

  • We remain true to your original design budget unless requested otherwise.

Call 800.717.2566 for more information

Artwork Guidelines

File Guidelines to ensure your file prints correctly.

Dimensions Template Format
3.5" x 2" EPS PSD
2" x 3.5" EPS PSD


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