Every Door 14Cents ea

Every Door .14 Cents Each Mail-out
I.S. Marketing can now reach every potential customer in your neighborhood without any addresses for only .14 1/2 cents each postage. That is cheaper than ever before! This is a win-win situation to find new clients and send promotions to regulars!

Marketing Plan That Makes Success
Allow I.S. Marketing to start you on the newest & least expensive marketing plan that makes success so much easier to accomplish! Emails to your clients with promotions are required for business growth, but not all emails are opened or read. You cannot legally purchase email addresses if they have not given their permission. Most purchased email list are considered spam when then are sent out. If done correctly this service allows you to build your email list and follow up on a monthly basis!

Every Door 14Cents ea

All your income sits within a 7 to 20 mile radius of your location. This direct-mail service continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach NEW customers. For a large or small business, we mail to every door with no names that makes it easier and more cost effective to get your message out.

This plan will:

• Target the areas you want us to saturate with beautiful, large, postcards (required size: 6” x 11”)

• Choose routes by neighborhoods

• Each area can be researched for proper income based on housing and location

• It will go into every mailbox by chosen routes

• Spend only .14 1/2 each on postage

• Over 50 templates or request customized

Testimonial..I have used I.S. Marketing services for over 15 years and my business is up. I suggest you try them. They’ve done a great job at increasing my cash flow. Skin Spa Owner

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