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  • Earn Expert Status: Providing your best content will not only capture people’s attention and provide you with more visibility, but it will also build your credibility as you establish yourself as an expert or thought-leader in your industry.

  • Improve your SEO for website rankings, and makes your website even larger than it already is: Posting creates more pages for Search Engines to index as each new post is a new avenue into your site.

  • Increase your subscriber numbers: When you consistently add value with your free content, visitors to your site will grow to trust and value you and will be more inclined to sign up for your Opt-In give-away products, which in turn grows your customer list. Allow I.S. Marketing to create your “landing or subscription page with specials to get more to join.

  • Raise conversion rates – Increases Your Business Sales- Those that join your client base (called subscribers) are more engaged with your BUSINESS as a result of frequent posts. This consistent traffic will build momentum for conversion to paid services and products. Infrequent posts can frustrate your subscribers and lead them to lose interest in your site.

Top two reasons most people do not post regular entries:
  • Not enough time to do it
  • Not enough ideas – or no writing capability
Qualities needed for great post:
  • Unique and insightful
  • Solves problems
  • Saves the reader time and/or money
  • Total transformation
  • Provides NEW inspiration to your clients to want your services
  • Interprets YOUR concepts and research
  • Provides humor or taps into passion
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Written in consistent rhythm and authentic voice much, much, more!
The full process involved in creating a quality, consistent and effective blog and facebook post while also driving traffic to your post and website looks like this:
  • Develop new ideas for facebook and blog
  • Pre-written content for easy usage
  • Research provided with additional facts and opinions, and statistics
  • Edit the content
  • Create compelling titles
  • Input content through back-end medium for website
  • Format blog for final publication
  • Assign categories and keyword tags
  • Preview post and make additional edits if necessary
  • Publish Blog
  • Create shortened URL
  • Create multiple marketing-focused Twitter and Facebook entries
  • Post or schedule posts for Twitter and Facebook
  • Total time investment: 3-5 hours per blog

Recommended average number of blog posts per week:1 to 3

Want the articles only so you can do it?


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My readers are accustomed to my style of writing and I would not want them to see any inconsistency on my site. Can you really write topics and promo’s that sound like me?
A: We are very talented in the art of duplicating your voice: its rhythm, diction and expressions. We can literally produce an impression of your personality and brand on paper. We work with some very high-profile clients whose brand identity has been established for decades and we honor the importance of remaining authentic to their brand.

Q: I have been writing all my own marketing material for such a long time, so I want it to sound the same. Who can you do that?
A: We understand. You value the editing process and the fresh perspective it provides. We act as your collaborative editor for all of your products. We will be expanding on your ideas as well as current and future content. Like most editors, we act as that second set of eyes that helps draw out concepts and nuggets of the content you might be too close to.

Q: Can you write for any client within any type of business?
A:Our experience and client-base is predominantly in the following genres:

  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Doctors
  • Medical Spas
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Skin Care
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty Products
  • And much more

Artwork Guidelines

File Guidelines to ensure your file prints correctly.

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